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Come on, Dover......!

Who could forget that memorable line from Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and the iconic scene centred around the Ascot Gavotte?! The month of June heralds the arrival of Ascot. Very exciting times for those off to the epitome of sartorial elegance, where fashion and glamour reach the highest heights and the hat is a millinery masterpiece!

Of course, several of us secretly dream of being Audrey Hepburn for her sheer elegance and perhaps Eliza too, a feisty, independent woman who learned how to use her voice to enable her to be heard and a new freedom for the life she wanted for herself. Eliza embodied empowerment and respect and she worked hard to achieve it. At The Hattery I am proud to include in my elite collection such masterpieces that are truly aspirational for Ascot and any other race meeting you may be attending. Ascot etiquette dictates that ladies must wear a hat or headpiece with a solid base of 4" in the Royal Enclosure. Fascinators are not permitted, novelty hats are not allowed and formal daywear is de rigueur. Halter necks, strapless dresses, one-shoulder garments are not acceptable. It all began hundreds of years ago....Edward VI famously described Ascot as 'a garden party with racing tacked on.' The Thursday of the race meeting known as Ladies' Day was first described so in 1823, when an anonymous poet said that 'the women, like angels, look sweetly divine.' In 1825, George IV began the tradition of Royal carriage processions up the course, making Royal Ascot into one of the most important events in the social season. In this era of dressing down, race meetings and particularly Ladies' Day are fabulous excuse for us all to dress up!

Make your appointment at The Hattery and be prepared to be dazzled by the stunning array for you to choose your masterpiece from! Wear your amazing hat with more Audrey....whether you are backing Dover or another!

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