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Why Hats? I'm Often Asked.

Why hats? I am often asked. Quite by accident, I stumbled upon an amazing business opportunity to acquire a business which would allow me to work from home, meet a variety of people and to be my own boss.

Thus evolved a passion for hats and The Hattery in Brundall was born. Within a few days I was up and running, with appointments coming left, right and centre and I found that the right hat matters.

The hats have their own unique residence in ‘The Hattery’ beside my house. Already I have met an amazing array of people attending the races and going to weddings, most of whom state as they walk into the room ‘I am not really a hat person!’ It is my aim to open their eyes to the amazing world of hats.

"With the right hat, nothing else matters"

Not only is a hat a necessity for certain events, such as Ascot, it is a frivolous accessory. A noticeable hat will draw the attention of any onlooker to the face and make a stunning statement. Throughout history, hats have been worn, the earliest seen in Egyptian cave paintings. But, oh how times have changed, as the saying goes, ‘If you want to get ahead, then get a hat.’

Millinery has existed in Britain since the 1700’s; the term Milliner was used in English courts and was derived from the term for travelling haberdashers from Milan, Italy, who sold all sorts of things. In the 1900’s ladies of social standing would change their hat several times a day and you would certainly not dream of venturing out without your hat and gloves!

During Edwardian times, the poor, rich, old and young wore hats and militant Suffragettes would never campaign without one. The wearing of hats declined after the World Wars as women engaged in practical roles and so too, hats became practical and not since the 1900’s have they been worn universally. They regained popularity in the 1980’s for weddings and special occasions when Princess Diana wore them in the early days of her marriage. The Royals are always ones to watch in terms of trends and, of course, The Queen is never seen without one.

Modern hats are a delight and they are an important accessory. Many people have said to me ‘Why didn’t I choose my hat first?’ This is a matter of personal preference, but I would always recommend trying on your complete outfit at the time of choosing a fascinator, hat or hatinator to see the full effect. Come and try on different styles, take your time and take advantage of the opportunities to hire hats rather than buy a hat that will go with one outfit and then sit on top of your wardrobe for the next few decades!

Just remember ‘ With the right hat, nothing else matters.’ If you’re mother-of-the-bride or groom, planning a Ladies Day at the races, been invited to a garden party and need of a stunning hat then visit The Hattery’s website to browse over six hundred deliciously wonderful hats.

To indulge your millinery dreams, enquire via our contact page or call Vicky on 07445364272 to make an appointment.

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