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Happy New Year, Hat Lovers!

Happy New Year, hat lovers! I am hoping it brings you happiness and peace and if not just one occasion, lots of hat wearing occasions.

I am thrilled to let you know that new and fabulous deliveries are arriving at The Hattery in Brundall, bringing you the latest designs and most beautiful colours to try. I am extremely excited and hopeful that the last two years are well and truly in the past and we can move forward with our celebrations. So do book your appointment and bring along your outfit and any other accessories you may already have and I will help you to coordinate your chosen hat, hatinator or fascinator.

My collection combines the classic, traditional and the more extravagant styles and I have personally chosen them all individually - I'm confident that this year will bring you yet more fabulous and divine combinations!

Remember the hat is the frame and your face is the picture - the gazes of others will be drawn to your face - the shoes and the handbag will follow and can be carefully coordinated to ensure the complete ensemble is stunning. At the Hattery I do have a large selection of coordinating sinamay and silk clutch bags available to hire or buy alongside your chosen hat. I am looking forward to welcoming all those who have weddings this coming year. Book The Hattery by appointment, you will have the whole collection to yourself and you can try as many styles of hats, hatinators and fascinators as you wish. Please do bring a friend or your family member with you if you would like, the more the merrier, it's so much fun. And don't forget the return of The Races and Ladies Day - important events on the social calendar. When is the best time to book your appointment? There is no recommended 'best' time as some ladies like to book a day in advance, some a month or two and some a year. Thankfully, I am able to accomodate all those last minute eventualities and for all others we can make a plan!

My very best wishes to you all and I look forward to welcoming you to The Hattery at Brundall.....

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