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Help! What hat should I wear?

The invitation is in your what to wear?

Mother of the Bride and Groom do not need to match on the wedding day, everyone has their own personal style and an outfit should reflect your personality. Navy, blush and nude shades remain great favourites with mothers, but it is best to steer clear of white, ivory or champagne as that will deflect attention from the Bride herself.

The length of the gown or dress is a personal choice too, long dresses are most appropriate for weddings after noon. These days, anything goes - as long as it matches the style of the wedding. Mothers should wear different colours, you want to stand out - you are the mother of the Bride or Groom after all!

And what about wedding guests?

Guests have freedom with their styles, but casual is not acceptable, pull out the stops, dress up and of course wear a fantastic fascinator, hatinator or hat which will transform you into a wedding attendee.

For all those attending a wedding in 2022, when choosing your fascinator or hat, it is so important to bring along your dress or outfit. Hats need the full experience to be fully appreciated, it is essential to see the shape and full colourways of the dress and to select the best compliment to the dress, it is essential to try it on and achieve a stunning balance.

At The Hattery we have some stunning hatinators for Mother of the Bride to suit the fabulous dresses on offer, coordinating with matching shoes and bags ( bags are available to hire along with the hats).

Mother of the Bride Hats need to be extra special, as do the Mother of the Groom millinery pieces.

Should we have matching hat, bag and shoes? It really doesn't have to be all three, just two. But which two? That is something to be decided when the dress and hat have already been chosen.

Here at The Hattery we will give you the best advice on these choices. So, if you are searching for hat hire near me or wedding hat shops near me or wedding hats for the Mother of the Bride, look no further!

Book your appointment now, come and visit the beautiful array of chic and modern hats available to hire or purchase in Norfolk at The Hattery. Appointments are individual so that you may try on your dress and as many hats as you wish and of course you are most welcome to bring along a friend or two!

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