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Love is in the air!

2024 is of course a leap year and because these years are so rare, 29th February is considered a lucky omen and a very successful day to begin something. 

Once every four years on the 29th February ladies can break tradition and propose to the man of their dreams.

The right of every women to propose on 29th February each leap year goes back hundreds of years when the leap year day had no recognition in English law (the day was ‘leapt over’ and ignored, hence the term ‘leap year’). A break in tradition on this day was considered acceptable.

In Scotland to ensure success ladies should also wear a red petticoat under their dress and make sure that it is partly visible to the man when they propose! Following the engagement, the date is set and whilst at The Hattery there are no red petticoats, there are certainly red hats as well as many other colours for your delectation.

If you are seeking a hat to hire or buy in Norwich or Norfolk or even further afield, look no further. The selection of hats, hatinators and fascinators at The Hattery will have you covered for any special occasion, weddings, races and even the most special of garden parties at Buckingham Palace - there is a hat for everyone.

Spring will be here before you know it, once you have your outfit please do book your appointment, bring along your outfit and have a fabulous and relaxing time finding your perfect millinery to make your perfect ensemble. The devil is in the detail and I will be able to help you choose the best shape, brim, size and colour for you.

Find a hat you love by contacting us today and arranging an appointment! I look forward to seeing you all.

Best wishes,

Vicky x

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