Luxurious, flirty and at times a little bit sexy

Luxurious, flirty and at times a little bit sexy, at The Hattery I am out to prove that a great hat can change your day!

Famous film stars, celebrities and our fabulous Queen, of course, lead the way for the hats I select and they set the trends. Let’s remember a few of them...

The wearing of frivolous hats began in the early 20th Century, but the origins of outrageous hats began in the 1960’s with Gertrude Shilling who wore flamboyant creations to promote her son David’s millinery business.

Thanks to Gertrude the wearing of gimmicky and eye catching hats became a tabloid newspaper tradition.

This was her silk printed dress and hat for Ascot worn on 15th June 1971!

Emmeline Pankhurst, organiser of the British Suffragette movement, was one of the most important people of the 20th Century and a lady who certainly knew how to make a statement. We thank you Emmeline....

Hats in the last century were mostly popular until the 1960’s, when beehive hairdo’s simply wouldn’t accommodate them. However, when Princess Diana started wearing them and Phillip Treacy started designing hats for the Royal family, they made a huge comeback. And no one rocks a hat like the Queen!

Let’s remember the incredib