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Summer Heatwaves and Hot Tips for Hats!

It has been a fabulous season of weddings and horse racing meetings and other glorious occasions. What a difference from last year when there was still hesitancy about events and from 2020 when we were all in the midst of a pandemic we could never have imagined.

Hat wearing is back with a tremendous surge, I am very happy to say. Our quintessential British tradition of wearing hats for weddings is quite unique in this world and it makes one proud to be British, especially as we all celebrated our most magnificent Queen's Platinum Jubilee. What a year!

The Hattery has welcomed many visitors this year and I have had great pleasure in assisting each and every lady find their most spectacular hatinator, sublime fascinator or stunning hat.

The range of hats on offer is ever changing as we continue to grow as new hats arrive and are added to our contemporary collection to reflect the modern approach, whilst still maintaining a traditional range.

Of course, whilst hats can be purchased or hired from The Hattery, with every hat hire there are a few terms and conditions to take into place, because hats are rather frivolous items. They are a beautiful addition to any outfit, but they are also expensive, extremely delicate and prone to damage and wear and tear.

Hat hire covers five days. Refunds will not be given if you do not wear the hat, it isn’t suitable or the event is cancelled.

Hat Safety. Keep your hat safe and please avoid rain as hats are very susceptible to damage from water. Even very slight drizzle can damage a hat beyond repair. Keep an umbrella with you and take shelter in the event of a wet day!

Oily marks from fingers, food or moisturiser will mark a hat and the delicate fabric cannot be cleaned. Do not touch your hat once it’s secured on your head. When you take your hat off, wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Go light on make-up. Make-up or oily marks on hats are very difficult to remove so it is recommended that you do not wear foundation or powder on the part of your forehead which touches the hat. Blot your skin with tissue to remove oil before you fit the hat.

Know when to put your hat to bed! You will be having fun, but don’t forget the hat is not as robust as you are. When the dancing starts, please remove the hat and store it back in its box, somewhere safe. (Not under a table, behind the bar or on a chair. In the event of damage or loss of a hat, hatinator, fascinator or bag hired from The Hattery at Brundall, the full cost of the item is payable.

When you hire a hat from The Hattery, the deposit you pay would only cover minor repairs. If you would like to know the cost of replacing the hat, in the unlikely event the hat is lost, stolen or damaged beyond economical repair, please ask.

In line with The Consumer Rights Act 2015, if your purchase is faulty, a full refund will be given within 30 days. If you change your mind during the period of 30 days from hire or purchase, no refund is possible. We are still in the full swing of Summer and looking forward to seeing new and repeat customers at The Hattery with a warm welcome as always! Stay safe in the heat of this incredible sunshine.

For any enquiries or questions about hats, please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07445364272 or contact me here.

Best wishes,

Vicky x

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