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The Perfect Hat

Does the perfect hat exist?

Of course it does, it is just a matter of choosing the right hat for you. My perfect hat will be different from yours and yours will be so different to what others might suit. That's why I'm here to help you with your choices. Finding the perfect hat can be a serious challenge! More so for those who do not have an affinity with wearing hats. But I have complete confidence in helping you on your personal hat journey. Always wear your hat, hatinator or fascinator at an angle, sloping over your right eye to give you an air of mystery and allure. It also looks very elegant and adds height. Are you thinking of large brims to create a storm - these can look sensational, but can also dwarf a small person and believe me, there are many ways to create an eye-catching look. The golden rule is not to wear a hat that is wider than your shoulders as it doesn't look very well proportioned.

Hats must also fit your personality, are you comfortable in your own skin or prefer to blend in the group?

Your face shape is extremely important - do you have a round, long, square, heart, oval or diamond shaped face? For round faces, an angular hat is complimentary, whereas the person with an oval face has versatility. At The Hattery I have a wide variety of styles, colours and shapes and I love to keep up with the very latest 'mode' as well as retaining a classic selection of millinery.

Your perfect hat must be secure, once on, you will want to get on with the occasion you are attending so choosing a comfortable hat or fascinator must be very near ear to the top of the list!

I can promise you that there is a perfect hat for every person, every face shape and personality.

The ultimate decision will be yours, but I hope with my expertise on hand you will leave with a hat that is not only comfortable and stunning, but most importantly gives you a fabulous confidence.

The Duchess of Cambridge has an unsurpassable elegance and her choice of millinery is second to none, it is always spot on!

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