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Fascinators are... Fascinating!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Fascinators are .... fascinating

A fascinator is quite simply supposed to be 'fascinating', a mini masterpiece, a type of hat, although appearing to be more of an accessory for the head. A fascinator is formal headwear but it does not have a brim and practicality is certainly not to be a consideration - fascinators are such fun and an artistic creation to enjoy!

Fascinators are not a modern invention, indeed they date back to the 15th Century and were associated with high society, with ladies wearing pillboxes or veils or both. Over the centuries the fascinator has certainly evolved and by the 18th Century Marie Antoinette took the fascinator to a new level by decorating her hair with jewels, flowers, fruits and feathers! She even included figurines and a miniature ship model! She was a lavish spender and the last Queen of France before the Revolution. Aged only 37 years, she lost her head at the fall of the guillotine in the Place de la Revolution in 1793. A sad ending for such a character. I digress, but we do love a hat wearer so she is worthy of mention! Where is the best place to see fine examples of fascinators? Why, The Hattery of course and in addition, they are out in force at Royal weddings and events, worn by the guests in many forms. Fascinators have always maintained a distinct association with high society.

They are fabulous and worn as an alternative to a formal hat, they can complete an outfit, really giving an impression that you have gone the extra mile to look 'finished'.

Philip Treacy is a celebrity hat designer who has made a huge contribution to the world of fascinators, yet he prefers the term 'hat' when speaking of them. His celebrity clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Princess Beatrice. They are not functional, they are rather more attractive adornments for the head and at The Hattery, I have an extensive range of fascinators to delight your senses whether you favour the ostenstentacious or the demure.

A fabulous array of colours to suit the introvert or the extrovert, we am happy to help you choose the eye-catching or simply chic - oh yes - fascinators are fascinating...

Fascinate others and shop all things fascinators for hire and purchase at The Hattery. Contact us today.

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