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Hattery Haute Couture

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

When helping lovely ladies choose their most flattering and beautiful hats, hatinators and fascinators for their special occasion, I am very fortunate to encounter many pretty dresses and other stunning outfits. Many of these outfits will be worn for a few hours to that special wedding or trip to the races, and will not be worn again - next time there will be a new dress and new hat hire! An idea began to form.... Of course a dress agency is not a new idea and the term itself is rather old-fashioned. The term itself originates in the nineteenth century. Choosing a name for such a venture should appeal to the fresh, modern ladies we are! Thus Hattery Haute Couture has emerged to convey the image of a specialist in designer and high street fashion where the customer can buy and sell. And if you are needing a matching hat, then you are in the right place for that too. I can offer you a personal and bespoke service. Bookings will be by appointment to ensure you receive my undivided attention to help you achieve the most fabulous result. If you have any occasion dresses, outfits or wedding dresses or handbags that you have loved but will not wear or use again, I will do my best to sell them for you and agree a selling price with you that is fair and viable, splitting the proceeds 50/50. Pre-loved, however ready to be loved again, the items must be ready to sell, dry-cleaned (or freshly laundered if that is more appropriate) and in excellent condition. Receipts, if you have them, are always useful. I will keep your items for up to 16 weeks and if they are sold, you will receive a call the same day to arrange payment of your proceeds. This will give you the space in your wardrobe to purchase new clothes of course!

I am always happy to chat if you have any questions about hat hire, hat purchase, styles in stock or Hattery Haute Couture; please call me on 07445364272 or contact me here. What can we offer? A friendly and approachable first class business with convenient roadside parking in a relaxing setting, just six miles east of Norwich, off the A47. Brundall is accessible by train also and most conveniently a ten minute quiet walk from The Hattery.

Finally, it is always a delight to meet the hat lovers who visit The Hattery and I look forward to welcoming those who wish for their gorgeous dresses to find a new lease of life. It will be my aim to stock a fabulous range to suit all budgets and your custom is very much appreciated. I will be able to provide a posting service also, should it be required. Whatever your special occasion, I wish you the most wonderful time, hat lovers and dedicated followers of fashion! My very best wishes, Vicky.

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